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He3 is the ultimate developer toolbox packed with 300+ tools and continually growing. With smart search, sleek clipboard detection, cutting-edge design and much more, He3 takes your dev productivity to the next level!

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Modern Toolbox for Modern Developers

Turbochange your productivity with He3 - the utlimate toolbox that will change the game.
Say goodbye to laborious searches and unlock your potential with a fast, intelligent experience.

Freedom to customize the user interface exactly how you want it

Tailor every aspect of the tool to your specific needs and preferences. Easily adjust the language, hotkeys, light/dark theme, and more. Take control of your workflow by changing the layout and categories of tools with drag-n-drop simplicity.

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Dark Theme

Embrace the sleek and stylish look of your coding environment with He3's immersive dark theme.

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Drag-N-Drop Layout

Customize the layout of the tools and categories in the main screen as well as the sidebar.

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Smart Search

Fuzzy match

Finds the closest match even if you don't know the exact name (e.g. searching "json fmt" will show "JSON Format" tool first)

Similar keyword match

Matches keywords that are similar (e.g. searching "json prettify" will show "JSON Format" tool first)

Effortless focus

Quickly access the search box with a simple Command+K hotkey, or adjust settings for auto-focus every time you open He3

Clipboard Intelligence

Smart detection

He3's advanced algorithms detect the contents of your clipboard and offer tailored recommendations for optimized productivity

Intuitive hint

He3 intuitively illuminates a lightbulb icon to indicate a perfect match for your clipboard content, streamlining your workflow

Auto-fill input

Let He3 do the heavy lifting by automatically filling in the input fields of your selected tools with the relevant clipboard content

tailus stats and login components
tailus stats and login components


Instant preview

Get a sneak peek of your search results directly in the search box, without having to open the tool.

Time-saving workflow

Save time and streamline your workflow by previewing your results early on, ensuring you've found the right tool before opening it.

Intuitively designed

The Previewer feature is intuitively designed, making it easy to navigate and understand, making it the perfect tool for developers of all levels.

Personalized Homescreen

Dynamic recommendations

He3 remembers your most used and last used tools and displays them on the homescreen, providing quick and easy access to your go-to tools.

Starred favorites

Keep your favorite tools at your fingertips by starring them and having them displayed prominently on your homescreen.

Customizable categories

Customize your category sidebar with the categories of your choice, making it easy to find and access the tools you need most.

tailus stats and login components
tailus stats and login components

Flexible Customization

Drag-and-drop layout

Change the layout of your tools with ease using the simple drag-and-drop style interface, making He3 truly your own.

Personalized views

Create custom categories and views for all of your tools, making it easy to find and access exactly what you need.

Flexible Settings

Change hotkeys, system settings, light and dark themes, and more to fit your unique preferences, providing the ultimate in customization and control.


Multilingual Support

With support for 10+ languages across major countries and regions, He3 brings the world of coding to your fingertips

Language-Specific Search

Search for tools by keywords in your preferred language, making it easier to find what you need, no matter where you are

Global Connectivity

Connect with a community of developers from around the world, breaking down language barriers and opening up new possibilities

tailus stats and login components

Open, Supportive Community

Join a thriving community where we come together to support, inspire, and lift each other up.

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