A Free, Modern Toolbox
Built for Developers

200+ tools builtin with more to come. Boosts your productivity with smart search, type detection, and hotkeys. Let it be your best companion in daily dev tasks.

Download installer:

Or install via HomeBrew:
brew install --cask he3-app/he3/he3
Or install via Scoop:
scoop install "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/h8r-dev/he3-scoop/main/he3.json"
Modern Toolbox for Modern Developers
With rich builtin toolset, Alt + Space (configurable) Hotkey, smart search and auto detection, He3 lets you focus on your work and boost productivity.
Personalized Home Page
He3 provides personalized home page experience by showing what tools you have used most or recently, and what tools you have starred.
Clipboard Detection
Based on your clipboard content, He3 can recommend correlated tools and rank them first on search, and set clipboard content as the tools' default input.

{"abc": 123, ...}

JSON Tools


URL Tools


Color Converter

Fuzzy Match
Even if you don't know the exact name of tool, He3 can still find it for you by matching the closest tool. For example, when searching 'json fmt', it will show you the 'JSON Format' tool first.
Similar Keyword Match
He3 will smartly match keywords that are similar. For example, when searching 'json prettify', it will show you the 'JSON Format' tool first.
Preview on Search
Want to get the result faster? No problem! If you copy some code and then open He3, it will show you the preview of the result on search.