Rich Variety, Clear Classification, Covering All Directions
Nearly a Thousand Development Software Tools, Covering All Development Languages ​​and Environments Related Software doubleds; Automaticly Adapt to Different Development Platforms (Win/Mac/Linux);
Custom tool classification
Customize your tool classification as needed, and flexibly apply a variety of work scenes
Definition classification
Quickly screen and position the specified tool to your custom classification directory
Flexible definition
Flexible define classification scenes as needed, one -click collection into the default classification
Intelligent search helps quickly find the development tools
Conventional search + AI semantic search, quickly position the designated tool
Fuzzy matchingfuzzy matching
The name of the matching tool, description, keyword and other information
Semantic search
Enter your needs directly and position the tools required according to semantic positioning
Focus quickly
You can start HE3 through the Command+K shortcut key and quickly focus on search, or you can also set your favorite shortcut bits in the settings
Intelligent Recommendation
HE3 is recommended to optimize work efficiency by detecting the content of the clipboard and providing intelligent tools
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